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Eliminate time-consuming and repetitive manual processes with GUI master—a flexible and powerful solution for the design and execution of process automation.

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Test Automation

Test Automation

Robotic Process

Robotic Process Automation

Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Make process and test automation universal and easy to use

Upgrade your company’s efficiency by improving existing processes, minimize manual work by eliminating repetitive tasks, and optimize test results with a cost-effective solution. With GUI master, you can design and execute process automation quickly and efficiently. Covering basically all business applications used by corporations, governments, and public institutions, it’s a powerful, flexible, and graphically oriented solution when you need automation across multiple systems.

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Make process and test automation universal, simple to build and easy to use


Shorter testing cycles

Shorter testing cycles

Benefit from significantly shorter project cycles. Easily adjust test scripts under change management.

Time unlimited license

Time unlimited license

Keep detailed records of every step of testing. Adapt reporting based on needs and connect it to existing management tools.

Higher process efficiency

Higher process efficiency

Enjoy fast test execution and data-driven processing.

Low licensing and maintenance costs

Low licensing and maintenance costs

Run test scenarios license free.

One license for all applications

One license for all applications

You won’t need any extra add-ons.

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What our clients say


Flexibility & independence offer an undeniable advantage

At Tesco, GUI master has helped us automate the testing of our relatively wide application portfolio, including integration and end-to-end tests. GUI master’s independence from the type of application tested, architecture, or environment is an undeniable advantage. We also really appreciated the flexible incorporation of customer feedback into the development of GUI master.

Ladislav Kucera, Software Development Manager

A large number of tests in a short time

We were looking for a tool that could test the graphical outputs of DWH/BI solutions as well as data. Thanks to GUI master, we are able to automatically run a large number of test scenarios in a significantly shorter time. It helps us easily find and compare the loading times of individual pages or to check the correctness of indicators before we provide them to end users. This tool is a useful helper in the automated testing of graphical user interfaces.

Josef Pinkr, Consultant
Life Sciences

No additional manual review required

Since we moved to production in Oct. 2020, the RPA solution has processed over 50,000 transactions for us, allowed us to migrate 18 countries to our new CRM solution, and is successfully bridging a technical gap that would have required rekeying all data in two systems. Our success rate is now over 93% of transactions processed with no additional manual review required.

Jonathan Clark, IS Project Manager
S&W Europe

Fast and efficient

GUI master enables the fast and efficient preparation of automated tests. Another major feature recognized by our team is the ability to automate regression tests of any application, regardless of the technology.

Zdenek Slunecko, Senior Testing Specialist

What a game changer

We use GUI master for automated regression testing. It saves us several dozen MDs of testing at the end of each development cycle. The latest GUI master version offers many new features and gives us a comfortable framework to deal with all the exceptions included in our project. The graphical environment is very intuitive and easy to use, especially for people with no experience with programming. It’s really a pleasure to work with the tool.

Josef Brozek, Application Engineer/BUS Analyst CST3

Cuts down on manual work

At Raiffeisen, we use GUI master to automate the processing of repeatable batches of transactions that otherwise would have to be processed manually by our employees in the back-office department. The processing takes place in the client/server environment and processed data is stored in Excel. The initial setup of automated processing is not complicated at all.

Miroslav Knobloch, IT Director
Raiffeisen stavebni sporitelna a.s.

Excellent partnership & support

The partnership with the GUI master product team is excellent. We have not worked with a product company that has better support.

Martin Klima, Sales Division Director


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