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Design and execute process automation quickly and efficiently.

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Automate manual processes and workflows in your organization

Upgrade your company’s efficiency by improving existing processes, minimize manual work by eliminating repetitive tasks, and optimize test results with a cost-effective solution. With GUI master, you can design and execute process automation quickly and efficiently. Covering basically all business applications used by corporations, governments, and public institutions, it’s a powerful, flexible, and graphically oriented solution when you need automation across multiple systems.

Enable process automation anywhere—from terminal applications across thick clients to web-based applications. Use it for test automation, robotic process automation, and application monitoring.

Automate manual processes and workflows in your organization


Technological independence

A platform-independent solution that supports web applications, reporting systems, terminal applications, and more.

Supports data-driven processes

Keep test scenario data in a file or SQL database. Add an extra set of data to create various test scenarios.

Fast workflow configuration

Set workflows quickly and efficiently.

Easy to use

No programming or scripting skills required.


Extend functionality based on project needs.

Automated evaluation of achieved results

Scenarios are automatically evaluated according to given guidelines.

Easy integration with other systems

Integration with major ALM applications, such as SpiraTest, HP QC, IBM Rational, and many more.

Scenarios resistant to changes in automated applications

Supports automation in dynamic environments where tested applications change frequently.

How does GUI master work?

GUI master offers a user-friendly graphical interface for efficiently establishing and maintaining automated process flows. You can automate virtually any application, including terminal applications and old-fashioned applications with a text GUI interface, and you have the freedom to move a finished test scenario from one workstation to another. The scenarios are stable and absorb changes in the visual design of tested applications.

While GUI master approaches processing the flow in a similar way to a human operator, it’s also able to react to the status of the tested screen and adapt to the next course of action according to the given situation. This makes test scenario design easy to learn and intuitive as well as cheaper and faster. It evaluates each process situation in line with given rules and keeps detailed records of actions taken for further auditing reference.

Why should you choose GUI master?

Unattended automation

Schedule automation tasks for unattended processing, perfect for when you need to run tasks outside of business hours or while processing large batches of tasks. Use Windows Scheduler or GUI master’s native scheduler to manage complex sets of tasks.

Save parts of automated scripts in a library so they can be used with other scripts.

Read data and error messages from a monitor, evaluate them, and use them for further processing or to amend the next action based on the data.

GUI master has its own OCR technology. The integrated OCR allows conversions of bitmaps into text. If the built-in OCR is insufficient for a given task, you can integrate the OCR of your choice.

GUI master
GUI master

Third party integration

It’s easy to integrate GUI master with other applications. Take data needed in an automation script from an SQL database, excel sheet, text file, or any other system which provides a data interface. GUI master can also read data directly from the GUI of other systems. Store results in an SQL table, excel sheet, or any application lifecycle management system of your choice.

If an error occurs, GUI master points out the step of the script which caused the error and provides a screenshot of where the error occurred.

Automation scripts don’t contain any user passwords. Passwords are encrypted and stored in a separate repository and only released when specific conditions are met.

Improve documentation of the testing process. Each task is individually evaluated, and results are recorded in a log file and accompanied by screenshots.

Scripts can be moved to another station.

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